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4 - 5 DecemberInternational Council for Science

A unique event at the cutting edge of storytelling, science and technology during COP21

Organised jointly by the International Council for Science and the Future Earth Media Lab, the hackathon's purpose is to bring together some of the most creative people on the occasion of COP21 to brainstorm, create, plan and storyboard highly engaging Virtual Reality experiences of life in the Anthropocene and our personal and collective impact on global systems, including the climate.

This hackathon is part of a series of VR events being seeded by the Future Earth Media Lab around the world to build a community that is passionate about developing scientific content for virtual reality applications.

The first one was held in Stockholm, Sweden in October. Participants will be given the opportunity to use and experience the latest VR technology, they will receive deep immersion in Earth systems science, resilience thinking, planetary boundaries and the Anthropocene from leading scientists attending the climate talks.

We are looking for participants with strong skills in one or more of the below fields: virtual reality design, climate science, Earth system science, filmmaking, storytelling, storyboarding and graphic design.

We will draw on this unique pool of talent to generate new ideas and form new networks that can draw on the power of VR technology to develop empathy around the profound transformation our blue planet is undergoing.

How to apply

To request an invite, email us your pitch on what you can offer and why you want to join the Anthronaut Experience in Paris. Space at the hackathon is limited to 25 participant, we will invite 25 more to the kickoff event on Friday. Our email addresses:


Friday 4 December & Saturday 5 December 2015

Friday 18.30-22.00. Networking dinner, inspiration and team formation at the central Paris headquarters of the International Council for Science. There will be space for all hackathon participants, plus a limited number of interested observers who would like to join this emerging network.

Saturday 08.00-18.00 COP21 VR Lab including idea generation and storyboard development at International Council for Science (ICSU) headquarters.

Dinner, breakfast, lunch and coffee provided for all participants.

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Denise Young

Head of Communications, International Council for Science

Co-founder, Future Earth Media Lab

Owen Gaffney

Head of International Media & Strategy, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Head of Communications, Future Earth

Co-founder, Future Earth Media Lab

Johannes Mengel

Johannes Mengel is Online Editor at the International Council for Science, Digital Strategist at the Road to Paris, and member of the Future Earth Media Lab Creative Team.

Yoni Dayan

Yoni Dayan is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur, with a focus on the science of collaboration and learning communities. He is also an analyst at Wikistrat and a teaching assistant at Stanford’s NovoEd.